Rubrics Cubed

December 21st has come and gone and the earth is still here, a little older but no wiser.  If you want real evidence that the end is near, find out if your 401K is invested in any solar energy companies.

Much Ado About Doo-Doo

Several cable channels held an end-of-the-world marathon last Thursday, expounding on all the theories as to why December 21 would be the last day of Planet Earth as we know it.  The History Channel gave us numerous programs about Nostradamus, a 16th century Frenchman, whose ambiguous writings have been accepted by many as foretelling the future.  What no ones talks about is that old Michel was an apothecary and may have been mixing up some really primo concoctions in the backroom.  Perhaps his quatrains were prophetic, but they read more like a guy with a really good buzz on.


Mayan Your Own Business

Much of last Friday’s hysteria regarding the end of times was based on the Mayan Long Count Calendar, and since it did not appear to have a December 22nd, some interpreted this to mean the end of the world or an end to an age and the beginning a new age of peace, harmony and unlimited 4G data.  We got neither the end nor enlightenment.  Our advice is that if you want to foretell the future, the best place to start is not a rock carved thousands of years ago under the rule of Pakal the Great.


How Would You Like One Across Your Apocalypse?


Television is now overrun with shows about doomsday preppers.  These folks are amassing large quantities of food, water, firearms and pharmaceuticals, and storing them in underground bunkers built in deserts, mountains and caves.  It is one thing to prepare for an emergency.  It quite another to imagine yourself as Rambo, Ewell Gibbons and the Justice League of America all rolled into one neat delusional package.  We get the impression that these folks want to be right.  We just hope their stockpile of ammunition doesn’t have a “best if used by” date.

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